The Company

Solvere provides technical advisory services to stakeholders in infrastructure projects: governments, developers, operators, investors, lenders and other interested parties. Whether our clients are considering planning, developing, managing, financing, acquiring or selling infrastructure assets, we have the knowledge and practice to help deliver, manage risk and create long-term value.

The Solvere directors are senior civil engineers with extensive experience in the infrastructure consultancy and engineering fields in over 30 countries in Western Europe, Middle East, Asia and North and Latin America. With nearly one hundred projects worldwide in our track record, we have a solid understanding of the relationship between technical issues and commercial risks in the transport, water, energy and social infrastructure sectors.

Our experience and interdisciplinary approach allows us to work jointly with financial, legal, insurance and other specialized advisors to meet very demanding deadlines whilst delivering to the best standards of technical rigour and professionalism. Also, as advisors to governments and multilateral development institutions in the planning, structuring and contracting of PPPs, we fully comprehend the complex nature of infrastructure assets and integrate the political and social criteria in our analysis of existing and prospective projects.