by Solvere

Solvere has developed the Nautinfra® solution to support investment decisions, life-cycle planning and operational risk management, helping our Clients build resilience into their businesses.

Infrastructure systems are highly complex. Technology is increasing the ability control and utilise infrastructure, but at the same time has made it much more complex. The human factor (of individuals and organisations) introduces subjectivity and additional vulnerabilities, which may result in failures that are often not anticipated or even imagined. The awareness and preparedness of the organization will determine the response against a wide range of threats and critical situations, and therefore the potential losses: physical, economic, reputational, etc.

Solvere’s solution to this problem adopts the all-hazards approach, which recognises that protecting critical infrastructure against all kinds of threats is unfeasible -for technical and economic reasons- and focuses instead on i) assessing potential losses resulting from infrastructure failure, irrespective of the trigger; ii) defining the acceptable business risk level; and iii) proposes strategies and mechanisms to ensure minimum levels of service during crises and an expeditious recovery.

This approach overcomes the limitations of conventional risk management, by introducing tools and techniques that ellicit systemic risks and connect them with the long-term strategy at the heart of our Clients’ Corporate Social Responsibility.

We approach the infrastructure business as a system-of-systems, using analytical techniques such as cognitive mapping and 2-level, iterative vulnerability screening. Solvere has partnered with the University of Manchester – Alliance Business School to bring the state-of-the-art knowledge and practice in large organizations, human behaviour and risk.

Nautinfra® Dashboards are built on open standard technology, with full interoperability with standard sector software. Access your dashboards online, anywhere, from mobile or desktop devices. All the data are securely stored in a cloud platform, or your own servers.

Download a Nautinfra brochure here, or contact us at to request more information and learn how to make your business more resilient.